Free Code Camp

I went back and looked at the project map on Free Code Camp and saw that work I had done on most of the projects was no longer visible. That, combined with the fact that I have, for a host of reasons have been away from it for a while has led me to a […]

CSS and JS Clock (JS30 Day 2)

I’ve decided to go with the “Learn Python the Hard Way” method for doing these lessons. That is, I will follow along with the videos, entering and running the code as it is presented. Then I will investigate how it was done and delve deeper to increase my understanding of the code and methods used. […]

JS30 Day 1 – Drum Kit

Finished day one of the JavaScript30 challenge – the JavaScript Drum Kit. Wes recommends playing with different ways of learning: watch the video – build the project; build while watching; try first on your own – then watch and adjust if necessary. I did this one by the watch-and-copy method. I think I learned some things […]

JavaScript Challenge

I just started the coding challenge JavaSript30 by Wes Bos. I came across the course on Hacker News. Though I had not heard of Wes before, I decided to give the course a go because 1) it’s free, 2) even if it isn’t a great course, any JS practice is usually useful. The course is […]